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Car modification is more popular now than it has ever been before. When people buy a car these days the factory issue lights, factory paintwork and factory stereo are sometimes not enough and thanks to the availability of many sources of custom car parts the possibilities are practically endless for making your car stand out from the crowd. The problem is though that while enthusiasts may want their car sound like it has a V8 engine or sit low on its suspension so it looks like a touring car, they may not have the technical or aesthetical skills to ensure their car still looks good and runs well.Here are the 3 of the main mistakes people make when modifying their car.Bad TasteThere is no accounting for taste, especially when choosing a spoiler or a whole body kit. How often have you seen a car trundling down the high street looking like an alien child toy. Choosing the wrong body kit for your car can be done easily as they are often bought from magazines or from websites that don’t tell you much more than that they will fit on your model of car. Body kits need to be subtle in order to avoid looking stupid. The same goes for other custom body parts like spoilers and bonnet scoops which when out of proportion with the rest of the car can look really bad. Make sure you find out exactly what your car will look like with the body kit or other custom part on before you hand over your cash, and make sure you get a second opinion.Wrong PartsThere are engine modification parts that have been made popular by certain films about street racing that every car modification fan would like to have. For example, big fat exhaust, turbos, super chargers and nitrous oxide systems. If you are not 100% certain that the parts you are fitting to your car will work and be safe then you should avoid getting them altogether. Plus putting nitrous in your old modified car, it may not stand up to the punishment dealt out by the extra power. Start off safe by getting performance brakes or other simpler performance car parts to make sure your car is at least safe. You won’t look good, wrapped around a lamp post.Bad DrivingIf you can’t drive well then there is no point trying to attract attention to yourself. Get good at driving with some advanced driving courses before you start adding under lighting or a massive stereo.

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The concept of running a car on water has certainly taken off in the past 4 months. The concept is sound, and is certainly no scam. This article will hopefully shed some light on what to look for in an hho gas car modification system, and possible issues which may arise.Water4gas was the first hho gas car modification system widely published on the internet. In the past 4 months their have been a plethora of competing systems showing up all offering similar results. The result has been a mass of discussions regarding the actual results possible from an hho gas car modification system.For those that don’t know, such a system can be created from parts readily available in your local hardware store. Basically you have a container containing bicarb of soda and water, which is powered by the battery. The result is the production of hho gas (browns gas) which is driven in to the carburettor or manifold. This results in an increase in engine productivity, mileage and ultimately fuel consumption.There are most certainly some risks associated with attaching a hho gas car modification system. Firstly as a rule of thumb, the system works bests with car or trucks that are over 10 year’s old. Recent models of cars have stricter warranties and engine designs which make it extremely difficult and risky to attach such a system. Whichever system you choose make sure you have full explanation on how the system will effect the warranty of your car. Make sure you understand the risks before you consider use such a system. Furthermore seek the advice of a trusted mechanic.ConclusionHHO gas car modification systems have certainly provided an element of hope in these times of ridiculously high petrol prices. On the flip side however are the potential risks such systems propose on car’s- specifically when they are not fitter correctly. Make sure you understand the risks before fitting a system such as water4gas to your car or truck.

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People who drive gasoline powered vehicles may be able to get better gas mileage soon. Ford Motor Company and University of Eindhoven student John Kessels have invented a Car Modification Software patch that they believe will allow people to get better gas mileage.John Kessels has been working with Ford on a project to make gasoline powered vehicles more appealing to consumers. They figure that the gasoline patch could help solve the problems many consumers have with spending so much money on gas for their car while the economy remains stagnant.The Car Modification Software patch will send a message to the vehicle that will allow it to use the minimal amount of gasoline required for the engine to operate. The patch would improve engine performances in your car and save an owner “up to 2.6 percent” in terms of miles per gallon. While this may seem like a tiny fraction, over the course of a year or five years the fuel savings could add up substantially.The process is actually pretty simple. What the Car Modification Software patch will provide you is the ability to switch the dynamo, the device which charges your car battery, on and off when it is inefficient for the engine to power it.This will improve the overall efficiency of the engine and increase gas mileage. Many experts are amazed to discover that all it took was a simple cable and some Car Modification Software to boost miles per gallon. The item will not be used exclusively in Ford products and will be made available to other car manufacturers who are interested as well.One of Kessels’s goals he would like to reach with his software patch is a six percent savings on miles per gallon. This can be attained if a powerful starter motor was installed to allow the engine the ability to cut off entirely when needed. It could then restart quickly in between long traffic jams. The concept is similar to the hybrid electric/gasoline powered cars that shut off their electricity when the car is not moving.This new invention should become available by sometime in 2008. This gas saving Car Modification Software is considered a great advancement towards making cars more fuel efficient. Although this software patch will not solve our current energy crisis, it may help ease some of the pain until we find more economical energy and transportation alternatives. Source: Automotivesoftwareinc dot com.

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The day you get your first car is a step into a new chapter of your life. Your first car will also give you a sense of freedom to be yourself including creating an image for yourself on the street. Car modifications can be expensive but, at the same time, it boosts your confidence and gives you real street cred. Here are the different types of car modifications that you could try.

Cold Air In-take Installation – Installing one of these not only enhances the performance but it also assists the engine with cooling. Long journeys or intensive driving can cause the engine to overheat so what better item to install than an air in-take?

Short Shifter Installation – This modification is purely for having a good time on the roads. The short shifter minimises the distance before having to change gears. Often, a short shifter also assists the driver with increasing speed which could be useful when overtaking those slow drivers.

Car Wrapping – Car wrapping is for those car owners who don’t want to get the chassis painted. There are also more patterns, colours and styles that can be used and is much cheaper than getting the car repainted. The downside to having your car wrapped is easy damage to the material. Once the material has been damaged, the car will have to be rewrapped.

Spoiler Installation – There are tasteful and useful ways of installing a spoiler kit and then there are pointless and ugly spoiler kits that many people install. This wing was designed to assist the car with aerodynamics and the correct shapes make the chassis look good. Other spoiler kits look disproportionate to the rest of the car.

Chrome Trimming – Adding chrome trimmings to the exterior of your car gives it a little bling without over doing it. The shininess of the chrome also makes the doors and wheel well look good. The end result of adding chrome features enhances the look of the car.

New Tyres – Make sure that you select the correct size tyres for your car. Some tyres have not been made to fit within the wheel well. Low profiles look good with any car whether it is new or old.

New Wheels – Wheels are always the best item to get when customising and detailing your car. There are so many different sizes, styles, colours and materials at a wheel supplier that can really make the car pop on the road.

Car modifications are a way that you can express yourself without overspending on a brand new performance car. It is also easier to get simple appearance modifications that make an impression on other drivers.

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Car modification is a very popular pastime for countless petrol heads up and down the country. Have you ever been sat on the bus watching brightly coloured cars with fancy body kits and exhausts louder than a fog horn speeding through the city and thought…I fancy that! Well it has never been easier to get started in car modification as there plenty of cheap cars out there, ripe and ready for modification and dozens of websites and garages stuffed with genuine performance parts to fit your chosen vehicle. Here are some top tips to get you on the road.Get A CarQuite obvious first step really: get out there are bag yourself a motor. For a beginner, the best cars for modifying are probably either a Citroen Saxo or a Fiat Punto. These cars are popular for two reasons: 1) they are cheap to run and parts and insurance are relatively cheap. 2) There are lots of options for modification as they have been popular mod cars for years.Learn How To DriveBefore you start trying to doughnut in your driveway or sign yourself up for a street race against “The Beast”, you really need to get good at driving. There are many track days you sign up to around the country where you can take your car on the track and zoom around for a few laps. Also having a few advanced driving lessons will teach you about how to be safe as well as fast.Modify ItNow it’s time to start building your baby. The most popular item to modify with the Saxo and the Punto is with a body kit. If you want take it a step further you can splash out on some Ferodo brake pads or some Hel brake lines. This will make sure you stay safe when you need to stop. Performance car parts are great for racing but if you just want to look good on the high street, start with a body kit.Get In On the SceneThe final step is to get in on the performance and modification car scene. Instead of revving your engine at a bus stop in your home town for an evening, get yourself down to a car show. The car parks of big shows will be stuffed with mod cars for you to compare yourself to. You will find that every car owner will talk your ear off about their pride and joy and will be more than happy to have a look at yours and give you advice as to what to do next. Voila! New friend!

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If you have been looking into HHO gas powered car options, you may be wondering how long it takes to make HHO gas powered car modification to a car or truck that you currently own. After all most people are not going to want to go out and purchase a HHO gas powered car when they can easily and quickly convert their own car into one of these cost effective environmentally friendly vehicles.You may want to check around and find a professional or pick a good guide that has detailed plans for making the HHO gas powered car modification, in order to ensure that everything works the way you need it to. The process itself is simple enough and an inexpensive modification you can make to your car. It is cheaper than purchasing a new car that runs completely on hydrogen. It can also save you hundreds or even thousands in gas money depending on how many miles you drive.This means that the HHO gas powered cars modification actually pays for itself in less than a year. This does make it more affordable than other options and makes it a good alternative. Water is also a renewable source for fuel and the newer generators and converters do not require the use of purified water. You can easily use your tap water in order to provide your car with the fuel it needs.It is recommended that you do not use harder water or heavy mineral content water because this does interfere after a while because of the water vapor released as a by product. If the minerals have different rates of evaporation you can actually end up with a build up in your generator which would then need to be cleaned out. This can create extra wear and should be taken into consideration when it comes to making the modification to your vehicle to allow your vehicle to be able to use water as fuel.There are a number of different offers that are available when it comes to converting your car into an HHO gas powered car. This is because of a variety of factors including the price of gas and the rising environmental concerns that are causing people to look into alternatives when it comes to fuel and transportation.Luckily, there are easy modifications that you can make to your existing car that can turn it from gas fuel to water fuel easily and quickly. You do not have to purchase a new car in order to enjoy the benefits of a HHO gas powered car. It is also not something of the future. They are available here and now and you can easily pay for the conversion kit and installation with the savings in gas within the space of a couple of months depending on how far and how much you drive.

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When you are in the process of obtaining a Wells Fargo Loan Modification, you have to do some preliminary preparation. All budget figures that you present to Wells Fargo regarding income and expenses must be documented with the appropriate paperwork. This can be time-consuming and confusing. Being an organized record-keeper really pays off here!You will need to show Wells Fargo your income paperwork. If there has been a marked reduction in your income, you certainly need to be sure you document both the before and after income figures. You need several pay stubs, and the w-2’s and tax returns from the last two years. If you are having problems finding some of your income verification paperwork, you could possibly use a letter from your employer stating your salary and starting date.You will need to show your expenses, both monthly expenses and oher unplanned expenses you have incurred. You will need bills and receipts showing: car insurance, utilities, child care, medical insurance and uncovered medical expenses. You will need monthly statements on any other debt you have: car payments, credit cards, school loans, or other credit.Most importantly, you will need documentation of your financial hardship. Any documents showing employment changes, medical bills, birth certificates, death certificates, divorce papers, and mortgage statements showing an increased payment due to adjustable interest rates are of paramount importance.
When you apply for a Wells Fargo Loan Modification, you will also need all your copies of your mortgage closing papers. This includes the loan application, Good Faith Estimate, Promissory note, mortgager and HUD-1 statement.

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As the rising costs of motor vehicle repairs and spare parts continue to spiral, the overall cost of insurance premiums continue to rise alongside them. Even though insurance companies want to be as competitively priced as possibly in order to beat off competition from their rivals, they have to stay priced within the confines of the risk they are providing cover for.This can make insurance particularly expensive for many consumers, particularly high risk groups such as male teenagers and drivers of sports and performance cars.To obtain car insurance cheap isn’t just a question of sitting down and sifting through an assortment of companies until the right deal comes up. Drivers must have a thorough understanding of the individual factors that have an influence on low car insurance and try to take steps that will enable them to gain the car insurance cheap.These factors are dependent on many different aspects that allow insurance companies to categorise policies into groups. Some groups are more expensive than others and if drivers can manage to exclude themselves from these high cost ranges there are many opportunities to make huge savings on the cost of their policies.If a driver tries to stay within a certain range of engine capacities, low car insurance prices suddenly become more obtainable. If possible, driving a small car with an engine capacity of 1.1 litres will have a massive knock down effect on the final price of car insurance.Another great way to keep down car insurance costs is to fit recognised security devices such as immobilisers or locking wheel nuts. These features act as a deterrent to car thieves and insurance companies recognise the reduction in risk and alter their prices accordingly. Vehicle tracking devices are also known to lower the overall price of an insurance policy and although expensive to fit, they are a fantastic way of saving money over the longer term.Another security-related aspect that can have an effect on ow car insurance is where the owner keeps the vehicle overnight. If the car can be kept in a locked garage or car port, the price of insurance is much cheaper than it is for cars that are parked in the street or in designated parking lots.Avoiding unnecessary modifications to cars is another effective method of driving down the costs of car insurance. Modifications such as expensive alloy wheels and body kits make vehicles more attractive to thieves or vandals and insurance companies see this as added risk and subsequently drive up the price of a policy.Limiting the amount of estimated mileage that a driver is likely to cover throughout the duration of the policy also helps to keep costs down. Less time on the road means less chance of an accident and this will be reflected in the price a driver must pay when taking out car insurance.Other significant factors that can reduce prices and get cheap auto insurance quotes include additional driver training, joining a vehicle members club and buying a policy that employs a curfew to keep younger drivers off the road at times when accidents are most likely to occur.

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Facing your mortgage company for mortgage assistance can be very difficult. It can be harder to negotiate for a loan modification that will benefit both parties. No one else can modify your loan except your lender, so you have to negotiate with them properly and nicely. Foreclosure is happening to many homeowners nowadays. With this, lenders are no longer as resistant to mortgage negotiations like before. You can save a lot of money in lost revenue and fees if you can request for a loan modification even before your home enters the process of foreclosure. Being proactive makes the lender more likely to enter into a mortgage assistance negotiation with you.If you fight with your lender, you will face a very low chance for loan modification approval. In order to be successful, you have to work together and come up with a solution that will be good for you both. Don’t be too confrontational for it will be ineffective and lessen your chance of getting mortgage assistance. No matter how difficult the bank representatives may get, always keep a hold of your pride and emotions. Don’t hesitate to ask your lender what you must do to have your loan modified for mortgage assistance. There are lenders who will ask you to make lifestyle changes to get loan modification, however, there are some who do not. Sometimes it takes selling some properties like your car, so you must be prepared for anything.Do not forget to tell the lender what you want. A negotiation is the perfect venue to let your lender know what you need so it would make working out on mortgage assistance easier. If it is lowering your interest rate or your monthly payment, then, you must let your lender know before this opportunity passes. When you let your lender know that you need mortgage assistance and what you want to be changed, you must also offer a number of options. Doing this will increase your chances of getting mortgage assistance. You may want a 3% interest rate, but if you let the lender know that you are willing to take a 5% interest rate or even a term extension, it is more likely that you will achieve what you want.

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The Practical Guide to Process Your Own Loan ModificationEmotions play a big part in our decision making so with that in mind this is the practical guide to processing your own loan modification.Your Scenario: The Bank has been calling you because you’re behind on your mortgage payments. You are about to pick up the phone to call them but than you procrastinate and say ill do it tomorrow. Every time the telephone rings your anxiety increases and when leave your home you can expect a message on your answering machine. We understand, it’s tough to return the call or answer the phone. Nobody wants to talk to a debt collector. So, before you make the initial call, let’s do the following:1. Gather your documents. Below is an expanded list of documents you will need to reference to complete your loan modification:o Mortgage Statement (most recent for 1st and 2nd)
o Property Tax Statement (most recent)
o Homeowners Insurance Statement (most recent)
o Flood/Wind/Earthquake Insurance Statement (most recent)
o Car Loan Statement (most recent)
o Car Insurance Statement (most recent)
o Other Loan Statements (most recent)
o Credit Card Statements (most recent)
o Utility Bills (most recent water/sewage, gas/oil, telephone)
o Cell Phone Statement (most recent)
o Medical/Dental/Life Insurance Statement (most recent)
o Medical Expense Statement (most recent not covered by insurance)
o School Tuition and/or Child Care Statement (most recent)
o Bank Statements (for the last 4 periods)
o Tax Returns (for the last 2 years)
o W2’s (for the last 2 years)
o Pay Stubs (for the last 4 pay periods)
o Hardship Documents supporting your hardship (birth certificate, death certificate, medical bills, divorce papers, bankruptcy papers, etc.)After gathering up the aforementioned documents take everything and place them in a folder for future reference. Inside the folder staple a piece of paper so that you may document all correspondence with the bank. In one way or another, the documents above will be used to complete your lender’s loan modification package.2. Create a Financial Statement and a Hardship Letter. (Sample Financial Statement, Sample Hardship outline) The financial statement is the most important document the lender will look at. We want to make sure it is filled out completely and as accurately as possible. The lender will derive from your financials your Current DTI Ratio and a Proposed DTI Ratio. You should also calculate those ratios:o Current DTI Ratio = (Mortgage Payment + Taxes + Homeowners Insurance )√∑Gross Income
If the Current DTI Ratio is above 45% than your likelihood of completing a loan modification is good. On the other hand, if you have no income or very little income, than your Current DTI Ratio might be extremely high and it would make sense for the bank to pursue other options like foreclosure.o Proposed DTI Ratio = (Mortgage Payment + Taxes + Homeowners Insurance )√∑ Gross IncomeThe guidelines for the proposed DTI ratio differ according to each bank but your proposed ratio should be between 31% and 45%. IndyMac Bank is looking to modify homeowners to a 38% ratio. Bank of America is looking to modify homeowners to a ratio of 34%.If your rate is about to adjust, calculate your future DTI ratio. Again, if the ratio is above 45% than your likelihood of completing a loan modification is good. Some lender’s may require you to be late while others may perform the loan modification before you become late. The DTI ratios are a good rule of thumb when formulating your loan modification case but there are other points to also consider:The bank is going to look at your specific expenses. If you are looking for a reduction in your loan but have a lot of “luxurious” expenses, than the bank will take that into consideration. The bank may want the “luxurious” expenses applied towards the loan payments. So, make sure you have eliminated all those unnecessary expenses in your life.They will look at your total expenses vs. your total income. If your total income is greater than your total expenses than they might ask you to take the difference and apply it towards your loan payment.With all things considered, always remember, the loss mitigation department will try to minimize their losses. They will find every excuse to make sure you make the highest payment possible without you defaulting on the mortgage payment again.The Hardship Letter is a document that must be created in your own words. Basically you want to get across to the bank that you did experience a hardship but are looking to resolve the situation with their help. I would also include if you saved any money that you are willing to put that towards a good faith deposit. Also include the new mortgage payment you can afford.3. Prepare yourself for the loan modification process. You must stay calm but persistent with the lenders. You will be contacting the loss mitigation department at the bank so be prepared for inconvenience. Department growth, consolidation in the industry, litigation by both the investor holding the note and the government, new legislation amongst other variables have all contributed to change at the loss mitigation department. In particular new software, procedures, and employees are being added and changed on a daily basis. Because of the constant change, loss mitigation has a high probability of losing your information. In addition, your information is often gathered by loss mitigation employees who are overworked and underpaid.4. Call your servicer’s loss mitigation department. There is a difference between the mortgage originator and the servicer. The mortgage originator is who you got the loan from originally. The servicer is the one collecting and processing your payments. Now that you are on the phone, you’ve hit your first road block. It’s called the automated attendant. There are numerous tricks to circumvent this problem. Be creative. For example with Countrywide, press the pound key (#) approximately twelve times and you will get a customer service representative on the phone. This trick does work with other banks. Great, you have customer service on the phone. Request for a loan modification. Describe your situation and ask for a loan modification package. If you have no income but want your loan modified, think again, the bank will deny your request. So don’t over communicate your hardship. After receiving the package follow their directions and send it into your bank. Fax the package twice and send a copy in the mail. I would follow up in a couple days to make sure they got the package. After the package is received by the loss mitigation department your file will be assigned to a loss mitigator. There might be multiple loss mitigators involved throughout the process. The banks make it hard to communicate with the loss mitigator so again be patient but persistent in your follow up.5. Document all communication with the lender. As I said before: Take the folder containing all of your documents and staple a blank piece of paper on the inside of the folder. Every time you correspond with your lender write down what was said by all representatives. Include the date, the name of the representative, the time frame in which you will get an answer from the bank and what the next step is to proceed forward with the loan modification. If the bank faxes, emails, or mails anything to you, make sure to include that with your folder. There may be a lot of error on behalf of your lender so be diligent in recording all correspondence.6. Closing the deal. The time frame to get a loan modification approved is between 30-60 days. You have proposed an affordable mortgage payment so by the time you get the approval back, you should have saved up some money to put towards the new modified loan. It is not uncommon for a bank to ask for a deposit upon approval. But to get to the approval, you must be persistent, consistent, and unwavering in the face of possible bank mistakes and bad customer service. It is an arduous process. Many homeowners have gone through it, so can you.